What is a trust?

Lately, even in our country, situations are occurring in which the advantage of entrusting real estate to third parties is recognized, without, however, giving up the property or the enjoyment of the same.

This can be, in fact, the optimal solution to protect their assets and, in this regard, the trust is certainly the ideal legal instrument. The purpose of the trust is to protect property belonging to an entity. People generally form a trust for several reasons:  maybe a professional who, performing a high-risk activity, such as a broker,  could even lose his house.  Even entrepreneurs who want to protect the assets from possible creditors, or even from their customers who, losing everything with the wrong investments, can not pay the bills, generating a severe outstanding to the entrepreneur who provided services or products.

In the medical field, the legal instrument of trust represents a great protection, due to the fact that frequently the doctor suffers claims for damages. In order not to put their personal assets at risk, the establishment of a trust is the ideal solution for those who work in the field of health, a sector that is extremely pressed these days.

Where to turn for the the establishment of a trust?

For this sort of things, however, you should contact a law firm that can boast of the necessary experience in this regard.  Studio Legale Castagna, composed by qualified professionals of the highest level, since 2012 assists private and legal entities in the establishment of trusts, following with great precision all the procedures in the smallest details.

If you are also interested in setting up a trust, you will find in  Studio Legale Castagna the ideal partner for you and that with its highly detailed and professional advice, it will be able to provide you with all the necessary assistance.

Studio Legale Alessandria is available for advice to the contact details in epigraph and through the form that you can fill in the section CONTACTS

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