Do you need a holding company?

More and more often we hear about holding companies. But what is it exactly and what are the advantages it can represent?

The types of holding company are different but in the most common of cases, we can talk about management holding, also called sectoral holding. This is a particular type in which companies that act together in terms of strategic interdependence are controlled.

The general purpose of a holding company is therefore to research and combine activities operating in a range of complementary sectors that together generate a perfect and productive synergy for each of them.

The holding company, a company within a tax systeml

From the fiscal point of view, the holding company is a real company, which, through the shareholdings or shares of other companies, controls them as a single group.

There are different forms of holding companies, but what they all have in common is the most important element, namely the way in which they exercise control over companies that are subject to them.

Therefore, the meaning in simple words can be observed as a summit company superimposed on a set of different companies controlled by it. In this perspective, the holding company generally owns most of the shares relating to the various companies it controls.

The creation of a holding company involves the signing of a contract in which all the subordinations of the various companies referring to the holding company are established. These practices obviously require legal assistance to define and control all the contractual details that they entail.

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