Labour lawyer in Alessandria

The role of a labour lawyeril

It is important to know that, in the event of problems in the workplace, every citizen can count on the professionalism of the labour lawyer. Today more than ever, the world of work is littered with disputes that leave workers deprived of their rights.

In other situations, companies, on the other hand, need protection or support. For example, when, due to financial difficulties, you are forced to reduce your staff.

In any case, the labour lawyer has the task of moderating one or more disputes arriving at the most appropriate solution to the circumstances. For this reason, it is increasingly availing itself of the skills and contacts chosen.

How does our labour lawyer intervene?

Our labour lawyer can be at the side of the citizen, thanks to their experience, whenever the latter sees damaged within the relationship with public corporations such as the Italian National Institute of Social Security (INPS) and the Italian National Institute for Occupational Accident Insurance (INAIL).

All the competence of our labour lawyer, in fact, also focuses on the social security law, where the citizens, for example, may need to defend themselves from an injunctive decree. Also, workers who want to get the right recognition of the benefit from accident or disease can count on our labour lawyer.

The professional usually acts in favour of a resolution, at the extrajudicial level, that is, a scenario for which the intervention of a judge is not required, but also operates at judicial level, that is, in conjunction with judicial proceedings.

Our labour lawyer can act in defence of those who do not have a correct classification at the working level, and can also act contextually to a dismissal, evaluating, in this case, the correctness of the fact.

Correcting the distortions of an attack on the citizen at work is, in essence, the field on which the professionalism of our labour lawyer works.

However, there is also the timely support that this professional guarantees to companies. To work in the best interests of each other, now those of the workers, now those of the activity itself.

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