How can i recover my company’s receivables (and how much does it cost)?

Did you pay money as a loan and now you have insolvency problems, i.e., the condition that your debtor does not fulfil his obligations, forcing you to take the necessary measures?

To solve this kind of problem, the only way is to rely on companies that deal with debt collection, and, at this point, you will certainly wonder how much such a service can cost.

Who can i rely on to recover my debts?

Surely, you can find many companies that can take care of it. However, it is always advisable to contact those who have made this specialty their focal point, as in the case of  Studio Legale Castagna that, thanks to its long experience in the management of judicial and extra-judicial debt recovery, can aid you.

Based on a preliminary analysis with which the real possibility of succeeding in the recovery of what is due to you is ascertained, the debt recovery actions are carried out with absolute precision and professionalism, adopting a strategy tailored to your case.

How does it work?

Legislation offers many opportunities for collaboration with professionals specialized in this area. The Firm makes use of these professionals who, contrary to times not far away, thanks to new technologies, today they can trace with a certain ease the assets of your debtors, determining with precision and without waste those that can be attacked from the point of view of profit, allowing the Firm to quickly recover the payment of sums due to you.

How much is it?

Debt collection is an activity that, contrary to popular belief, does not have a fixed cost since the rate of each individual proceeding can vary significantly depending on the case. Moreover, it may be necessary to open more practices, and this certainly affects costs.

Studio Legale Alessandria is available for advice to the contact details in epigraph and through the form that you can fill in the section CONTACTS

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